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You TV Player IOS Download Installation Complete Guide:

Everyday we have one or the other new application for our iOS and Android Devices serving our different media, protection and gaming purpose but some of them are designed in the perfect manner to solve their purpose. You TV Player IOS is one such app. It has been in the limelight soon after its launch and has continued to be in that till now.

User base of You TV Player IOS is increasing day by day. You TV Player is best in the market at present to let you watch online videos, movies and TV shows in the best video quality. The application is updated frequently revising its features supported in the previous version.

The app is liked by the users because along with the video viewer it has an additional feature that is, it supports password protection for your files . The app can be customised based on the requirement of the user and the titles in the app are very catchy that is a yet another reason to bind the users with the application.

you tv player ios

What is the Purpose of You TV Player IOS?

  • YOU TV Player IOS allows you to watch movies and TV series online .
  • Not only the online videos but it also lets you watch the videos saved in your device.
  • Along with the video player it is also a social platform that allows you to connect to the people of your interest from around the world.

Features of You TV Player IOS:

  • You TV Player App is an excellent app that lets you watch the video in HD quality.
  • It lets you watch the latest TV shows both national and international.
  • Unlike the traditional video players like YouTube it allows you to watch the latest released movies from hollywood, bollywood or regional.
  • It has the huge collection of data relating to different genre like action, music, animation etc.
  • Unlike other free apps of Video Player it lets you watch the movies without any sort of disturbance as it carries no pop ups or advertisements.

You TV Player for iPhone:

Many apps are designed for Android users and they have numerous options to select apps for their media requirements. Even You TV Player PC is not available for iPhone users. One of the reasons for not being able to use You TV Player Apk for Android users is that it is not available without the jailbreak.

The app comes as apk file and there is no dmg file for the application. The Android Emulators work effectively for windows but no good emulators are available for iOS.

But, you can always have the alternatives. Some of the apps that are supported and can be used instead of using You TV Player IOS for watching the free movies and videos online and are amongst the top rating apps are detailed below:

  • Vidmate:

Vidmate is the versatile app designed for all the users and works prominently on all the operating systems. It allows you to watch and download free movies and TV serials from almost all the online websites.;

  • Tubemate:

Tubemate is the best option for iPhone and iPad users as it works at the fastest speed when it comes to streaming and downloading of free movies online.

  • Cartoon HD:

This app works best for IOS users. It allows you to browse your search from the large collection of data from various genres like comedy, action, drama, musical and above all the unbeatable collection of animation. The app is regularly updated with the latest collection. It supports chromecast and when it comes to downloading movies it provides great speed.

  • Play View:

This app serves as the best alternative to You TV Player Apk. The easiest and user friendly app with the top notch collection of latest movie launches and best rated television shows. The app can be paired up with speedy downloader as its own downloader speed is low.

  • MX Tube:

MX Tube is the top notch alternative option for IOS users instead of You TV PlayerIt is an excellent app for iPhone and iPad users.

Features of MX Tube for IOS | Alternative of You TV Player IOS:

  • It allows you to download all the videos available on YouTube on your iOS devices.
  • You can browse any of the video of your choice just by entering it into the search option alike YouTube
  • The application is available for free.
  • Not only downloading the videos but the application serves you with the option to watch the live streaming videos online.
  • The MX Tube application allows you to select the quality of watching the video of your choice. It gives you three options that is Edge, Access and HD.
  • It also supports background downloading of videos .
  • You can use your YouTube account to access the app.
  • It allows you to add the videos in your own folders.
  • You can also rate, comment and share the videos. Along with that you can add the videos to the playlist for later reference.

How To Use And Install MX Tube?

Step 1:

To get MX tube installed on your device you just need to search MX tube on cydia. Once you find it click and instal MX tube on the device.

Step 2:

On successful installation of MX tube on your device. You can now see the icon of MX Tube on your springboard. The app is now ready to use. It provides you with for easy and accessible tabs. They are:

  • Featured Tab: This tab provides you all the basic information about MX Tube app.
  • Search Tab:This tab allows you to search the videos of your choice on YouTube.
  • Videos Tab: This tab lets you gain the access to the downloaded videos.
  • Downloads Tab:This tab is provided to check the status of the videos you have lined up for downloading.

Step 3:Click on the search tab to find your desired video. Once you enter your search in search tab, it provides you with two options

  • YouTube Mobile
  • YouTube.Com

Select on the desired option and find the video of your choice on YouTube. Click on the link of the video and it will serve you with two choices

  • Stream it or
  • Download it

If you just want to watch the video once then you can go for streaming else download the video.

For watching or downloading the video MX Tube offers you the quality options as

  • Low
  • High

If the speed of your internet is slow then you can go for low quality else if you have access to wifi you can go for high quality download of video.

Step 4:

After selecting the quality of video. The video will start to download. You can check for the status of downloading on downloads tab. You can download more than one videos at a time.

After the complete 100 percent download, the video will be saved in your iOS device until you delete it.

And you can watch the movies and videos on your iPhone and iPad through this app easily.

These alternative applications though cannot replace and work as You TV Player IOS but are best for IOS Users to enhance their iphone and ipads.

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