How to hook up a portable generator to your house, how to hook up a portable generator to your home

Make sure your generator is outside and at least ten feet away from any openings. Wiring must be up to code and installed safely. Write down these instructions and put them in your breaker box. Can I back feed my generator power from a sub panel after turning the main breaker off and then turn on the breakers to power my essentials?

Step 2 Determine Your Generator Plug Type and Amperage

Search Amazon for your plug type extension cord. My main breaker is not in the breaker panel but is mounted on the opposite side of the house. Male to Male extension cords will kill you and burn down your house. No fires or electrocution unless you previously were a candidate for a Darwin award. Warning Electrical work is extremely dangerous.

Can I Hook Up a Portable Generator to My Home

First, you need to identify how to hook up your generator to the power. Plug in your generator to the hookup. This hookup will go on the outside of your house and will have a recessed male connector prongs that stick out, rather than holes you plug in to. Whereas standby generators are usually permanent structures and turn on automatically when the power goes out, a portable generator is, as the name suggests, portable, meaning you can move it around. The risks are lower if you are only using your portable generator to power a few appliances rather than many e.

They must be installed absolutely correctly. They must be isolated by a switch or breaker, and the main power switched out before the generator is powered on. The breaker interlock method requires the to most upper and right breaker space to be free. But I also want to point out that a male to male can be useful in some situations. Once the glue is dry we can start to work on the wiring.

Easy Generator to Home Hook Up 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Safe installation also requires that you have several extra spaces in your existing breaker box or that you install a new one, which must be done professionally. Install your new breaker in the freed up space in the upper right of your breaker box. This is a basic safety precaution, and should not be ignored.

How to Hook up a Portable Generator to Your Home

  • Buy a transfer switch certified and rated for the purpose.
  • Once the generator is running, go to your breaker, turn off the switch for the utility main, and turn on the switch for the generator main.
  • Wandering through YouTube, I found what may be the best way to hook up a generator to your house.
  • The breaker interlock system has come in very handy for us.
  • Run your electric dryer, then turn it off and turn on the air conditioner or the well pump.

Stoves, air conditioners and tumble driers among others use too much power to be supplied by a typical portable generator. Automatic transfer switches will sense a power loss, start your standby generator and automatically move your load to the generator. Do I have to completely shut down the generator and switch over to the house power periodically to check for power? Your email address will not be published.

Easy Generator to Home Hook Up

Probably The Best Way To Hook Up A Generator To Your House
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You will need to pick up a wire splice at your local home store. Place the generator away from your home. Turn off all the branch breakers and the main power breaker.

How to Hook up a Portable Generator to Your Home in 2019

Most boxes will have enough spare wire to move things around a bit. Did this article help you? The amperage should be listed on your machine close to the plug.

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How to Hook Up A Portable Generator To Your House

Participated in the Apocalypse Preparedness Contest. There are several different wiring systems that can be used to connect a generator to a home. The only problem with this is that the toggle switch would have to be listed and labeled for the application. With this unit, you can turn off and on different appliances that draw a large amount of power.

The conduit is basically the smaller box that directs the cables into your home. Electrical codes vary from place to place. In this setup you use a breaker to energize your existing breaker box. These are fairly simple to install yourself and they are the cheapest option.

  1. List the appliances and electrical devices you plan to use, then look at their wattage or power requirement.
  2. The beauty is you can turn on and off breakers at will.
  3. Breaker Interlock is the option I chose.
  4. Switching it on is easy and safe.
  5. Making an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Path.
  6. However, it is the only guaranteed legal option and it is accordingly the safest.

Now feed the different colored wires that you mapped into your foundation into the breaker box. Fill any gaps between your conduit and the house with silicone or expanding foam. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

How Do You Hook Up a Generator to Your House - Portable Generators
How to Hook Up a Generator To Your House With a Transfer Switch

Article Summary X Before connecting a portable generator to your house, place the generator as far away from your home as you can to prevent fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Once you have taken these initial steps, use a gen cord to connect the portable generator to the transfer switch. You should make sure all breakers are switched to off in order to do any work within the breaker itself. First, you can plug in each appliance using individual extension cords.

Thus, the mains switch can be energized or not, it makes no difference. Next, you can either find a hole that already exists in the foundation of your home, dating or you may have to drill one in order to run the cables to the panel. Consider an interlock kit. This will help keep you from accidentally electrocuting someone else or even yourself. Be sure you know what you are doing and prevent anyone from handling the system under operation.

Place the generator as far away from your home as you can with the cable that it comes with. Pre-drill the holes and then finish them out withe the bit size noted in your instructions. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Replace the conduit body cover, checking proper fit of the gasket. It is National Electric Code compliant and is in my opinion the least expensive and most flexible option.

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How to Hook Up a Generator to Your House With a Generlink Transfer Switch

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Individual extension cords are cheaper than purchasing a transfer switch. My system uses such cable and has been working since see my post above. In between the two, free online dating you can wire a transfer switch. Many transfer switches have special holes to fix the handle with a padlock.

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