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The mixer includes all cables needed. Hope you get it done soon! If I want to play youtube to use karaoke but my amp has no input mic, what do I need to connect the microphone? Take others advise and have a good time, talk to people, have fun but don't get drunk! If you find the soundbar to have sound distortion when using your microphone, you might need to adjust the volume of your mic.

Hi Sara, You will need a mixer to be able to do this. However, with all of the options, im 36 dating you would still need to have a mixer to get them to work. But you need to pay for subscriptions. Using echo for karaoke is not going to sound good.

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Hi, I have YouTube playing on regular surround sound. Just chilled, talked to everyone since it was a new experience. Or should I download an App?

Hi John, site you can search for them in Youtube. Hope you get this figured out soon. Only time will tell how well it holds up to daily use. This setup has been working great for us for years. Can I play the audio from the wireless microphones through the soundbar?

Option Two Back up iPad Files to External Hard Drive with iTunes Manually

How to Back up iPad Files to External Hard Drive

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If this is the case, I should get myself a chromecast dongle then. And more thing is about mixer, beside ammoon karaoke mixer, can I use Behringer Xenyx or Behringer Minimix Mix and which one is the best choice? My favorite way of doing karaoke at home via YouTube is through Chromecast. If you like speakers with lights check out something like this Ion speakers. And using these speakers with mics can damage them.

These covers are washable and reusable. However, there is a sound delay karaoke when I start singing. You can use this setup to watch movies and play games.

After browsing a lot of blogs I came across your blog and found that u have great knowledge about karaoke and the media setup. You can have unlimited song selection from YouTube without monthly subscriptions. If you connect the mic to the mixer and the mixer to the speakers, is there sound coming out? But still I have question on it should I ask here?

How to setup Karaoke at Home using YouTube

Another test is to use another input aside from your laptop, use a phone, and see if this still occurs so we can isolate the problem. Please provide me the make and model of your mic to see how I can help you further. What mixer will go well with the setup I have? You can also use a mixer to connect a microphone to your existing speakers that do not have a mic input.


That's difficult to say until people really test it out in daily use. What speakers are you using? Are there karaoke media that I can modulate the vocals only?

Thank you for your time and advice on helping people in setting up a karaoke at home! So, I connected the mixer via the headphone jack, and it is now playing music through my speakers, with the YouTube App. Also what are the best systems for this type of setup? Can you give me step by step instructions fot this?

You just need to make changes on how your setup is connecting to the soundbar. Dealnews is a great place to watch for savings as they have a dedicated category for the iPad. Hope you get it working soon.

Seniordan macrumors regular. This latter group should make sure they connect to iCloud and turn on Find My iPad as this will make it easier to track the device in the unfortunate event it is stolen. Connect your mic to the mixer using the included cables. They can use it to take lecture notes, keep track of their schedule, contact classmates, korean celebrity play games and more. It has a full stage and I have a Line array Pa System that has blue tooth built in to it.

Do i need to buy digital to analog converter? Roku players have a headphone jack that may output if I cast to it? My karaoke sessions with friends can get intense and I really can not control what the singers would do!

Hi Jenny, glad to know I was able to help and congratulations on your new setup! Hi Nick, technically yes you can use the soundbar for your mic using a mixer but I do not recommend this as well. Besides what you recommended, are there other type of speakers I can buy? Do this at your own risk of ruining the speakers. To hear myself sing better?

Hi Candice, in order to help, I need to know more details. You can also see how large the bezels are in this photo. Kudos to you and your website.

The iPad mini is also a possibility if you are looking to save some cash. Me and my wife love doing karaoke and tried with a soundbar but found out that it is not the best speakers for output voice. What are my options to fix this problem?

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How to setup Karaoke at Home using YouTube

To check if maybe the speaker has issues. But if you want to make more adjustments, try getting another mixer such as this Fifine Karaoke mixer. Do I need to buy separate speakers or can I plug everything into the existing system? An iPad is an investment and needs to be properly protected.

How do I connect my Innowpow wireless mic system to this? Connect your microphone to this mixer and output it to your speakers. Most importantly, this two-year extended warranty plan provides accidental damage protection. First, you need to have another set of speakers that is more suitable for vocals. The other good thing with this Fifine mic is it has a built in echo effect for karaoke and it is a mixer as well.

How to Back up iPad Files to External Hard Drive

Do you have a karaoke machine? Hi Billy, we need to determine if this is an issue with the mixer or the digital to analog converter. In that case you only need the wireless mics and the speaker.

  • Just make sure to use the Shure finder to find the right model with the wireless frequency that would work well in your area.
  • Connect the mic to the mixer.
  • Then directly connect the mic to the karaoke speakers.
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  1. Pricing is usually similar to Apple stores, but these retailers can discount the iPad during sales.
  2. Consider getting a dedicated karaoke active speaker such as this Ion Block Party Live.
  3. The mixer connects to the receiver.
  4. Hi Dave, nice setup that you have there!

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The connector is used to hook up Apple's special keyboard for the iPad. Or is it better to have separate speakers and hook the mics up to them? Can you recommend to best way to hook it all together so I can use YouTube? You don't have to activate the iPad on a cellular plan and can use it as a WiFi-only device that is connected to the college's WiFi network. Many parents may be tempted to buy the less expensive iPad mini for this group, but I would recommend you stay away from the smaller iPad.

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